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Come and explore a world of Flavours, at Stradale Carnivale we have something that will tempt every taste bud!

Stradale Carnivale offers you a healthy nutritious diet and, at the same time, a service adequate for the meals served – breakfast, lunch or snacks.

We are not only thinking about a quick lunch option, it is more about about the way the food is prepared, the quality of the ingredients used and the way we thereby form eating habits.

We aim to communicate healthy eating habits on a daily basis through our offer of balanced food nutritionally and by opening up to a world of new flavours. Starting with these principles, we have adapted the ‚Stradale’ concept and created ‚Stradale Carnivale’, more attractive for a younger crowd – dynamic and versatile in its design, healthy in its purpose and delicious in taste”
Chef Foa, Executive Chef of Flavours Food Design.

  • Breakfast includes gourmet sandwiches, wholesome yoghurts and fresh juices
  • For snacks choose between the daily sandwiches using homemade bread, fresh vegetables
  • Lunch is the most important meal of the day at Stradale Carnivale. Choose between the regular menu, or the small menu, created by our Executive Chef, with a balanced meal in mind, using the best ingredients available.
  • If you are in a hurry, we have created the Grab and Go section, with healthy and filling salads, or a choice of our sandwiches, made daily on location.

Mr. Peter Welch, AISB Director

The old truism that 'you are what you eat' remains essential. We know more and more about the importance of healthy nutrition and getting plenty of sleep for young people to be able to learn effectively. Our school works with Flavours to ensure that children can eat a balanced, nutritious meal at AISB. They should have plenty of access to fruit and vegetables and access to sufficient variety and tastes to be excited about eating - one of the great pleasures in life! Mr. Peter Welch, AISB Director