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A New Year, a new chance to eat better

Seasonal foods for good year-round activity of the brain

... and by `better` we also mean `healthier`, of course, but not only. It’s time for your diet concerns to make peace with your diet pleasures for a mentally healthier you. We’ll teach you how to get nutritionally relaxed within your lifestyle principles.

Eating healthy should not be a struggle, but a pleasure and we have some tips for you to turn the former into the latter (apart from `one should drink more water` - that’s a classic that everyone knows, right?).

EAT MORE PROTEIN to keep your body at a high level of calorie burning and your appetite at a low level of craving. Teenage boys need about 52 grams of protein per day, while the girls should have a daily intake of 46 grams of protein. Get it from beans, eggs, fish, turkey, chicken, beef, cheese and yogurt, hummus, tofu. And think protein also when it comes to snacks, not only meals; you can find it in edamame, peanut butter, nuts, turkey or beef jerky – but the latter consumed with moderation.

BOOST YOUR METABOLISM with two powerful tools: strength training and spices! Yes, training with weights is also for teenagers and the safest way to enter this practice is to use your own bodyweight under the supervision of a professional.

Also, you can spice up your metabolism with:

  • Cayenne pepper - proven to increase the energetic processes by 5% and fat oxidation by up to 16%).
  • Ginger increases the production of body heat, boosting metabolism and enhancing fat digestion.
  • Cinnamon helps your body process sugar more efficiently, making it less likely to be stored as fat.

THINK HAPPY THOUGHTS about food, your body, and the relationship between the two. Going down the compulsive eating slide is so easy these days, with all the pressure around. First of all, you need to eat, there’s no doubt about it. Secondly, you need to love your body for what it is and for what it will become under your care. Trust the process and allow yourself to treat yourself from time to time without beating yourself about it; but also, be realistic and have a `recovery` plan for the moments when you indulged yourself way more than needed.

MIND THE GUT – it’s `the gap` we often neglect. Improve the functioning of the `installation` by adding probiotic foods to your diet. These boost the activity of the microbiota (the good bacteria inside the gut) and keep things running peacefully after every meal and smoothly on a regular basis. Yogurt, kefir, pickles, cottage cheese, sauerkraut (and you know we have a lot of it in Romania during the winter season), these are practically gut savers.

Also, the market has known a wide range of probiotic-enforced drinks during the last years, a very handy solution to enjoy life while your gut enjoys a healthy wash-down. Nevertheless, although taking probiotics every day is highly recommended, keep in mind that this type of drink may also carry a lot of sugars, artificial flavors, and colorants.

It’s all about balance; your body will feel the peace of mind you gained and will start to send you signals every step of the nutritional way, either good or unfavorable. This will help you in making the right food choices more often than you think!

May your 2024 be delicious for the body and even more for the soul!

Credit Photo: freepik.com