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Tips for a happy Thanksgiving for all!

Seasonal foods for good year-round activity of the brain

Thanksgiving dinners are meant to bring families together, but it seldom happens for some to feel left out of the celebration – especially the kids. Giving thanks is a tradition for all ages and a great opportunity to teach the little ones about the importance of giving back, about gratitude and empathy. So, don’t neglect them!


Everyone should take part in setting up the place.

It is possible that not every participant of the dinner

It is possible that not all participants at the dinner will be ready yet to handle the hot stove or the knives, but they could turn the dining room or the table itself into the most creative – and a more adequate – place for celebrating Thanksgiving. Kids can craft felt coasters for the glasses used at dinner and decorations for the furniture using twigs and leaves colored prettily by autumn.

Put your graces together.

Gratitude carries such a healing power for the soul and every human should learn to exert it since the early years, like a valuable training for the harder days of adulthood. Encourage the kids to give grace disregarding how futile their thanks may be – it’s creating the habit that counts.

Buy an appropriately large turkey.

First, you have the list of guests who have confirmed the attendance. Then you have to calculate the size of the turkey to feed them all. And this is pretty easy: you need about a half of kilogram of turkey for each (or 1 ¼ pound). Does it seem like a lot? It isn’t, because you must take into account the parts you’re not actually eating, like the bones, that also tip the scales. So, for a party of 10, your turkey should weigh more than 5 kilos for sure.
And even if your dinner table gets more crowded than expected in the last moment, don’t worry about underserving turkey to your guests: they will be too smitten with the side dishes and dips filling out the table to be preoccupied with the bird.


You start writing the invitations and let us in charge with the main `piece` of your Thanksgiving dinner: we will prepare a delicious turkey and have it delivered straight to your door!
We are talking about turkey brined for 24 hours, marinated with fresh herbs and slow cooked with onion, carrots, celery, and lemon stuffing.
You can choose between the two types of sauces for your turkey: gravy or cranberry and you will also get equipped with heating instructions by our team.

So please reach out to us as soon as possible if this sounds appealing to you. You can also find more information about our offer here: https://aisb.flavours.ro/blog/2023-10- 20/thanksgiving-dinner
We should have the necessary time to complete all the arrangements so that your family can enjoy the most delicious Thanksgiving dinner you can remember!

Credit Photo: freepik.com