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Take a healthy advantage of the grape season!

Take a healthy advantage of the grape season

Every autumn, Romania enjoys a rich grape season with juicy vegetable droplets coming in a wide range of colors and flavors. As tasty as they are, their name has always been related to a lot of hearsay about their impact on human health. Let’s clear that out for you to enjoy this nature’s treasure in peace.

Opinion: Grapes carry a lot of calories and little nutritive value

Absolutely untrue! A cup of grapes contains 100-130 calories and a lot of vitamins and minerals: vitamin C, carotenes (that the body converts into vitamin A), iron, copper, potassium (that regulates your blood pressure), manganese, calcium, and some fiber – very helpful for digestion.

Opinion: Seedless grapes and grapes with seeds carry the same nutrients

Not quite: grape seeds contain a lot of substances which play an important role in supporting health. You have heard about grape seed oil being widely used in cosmetic products nowadays, haven’t you? It has become so popular for some very good reasons: polyphenols (a strong aid in preventing the ageing process) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (very important for brain and muscle health, for example).

Opinion: Red grapes are more nutritious than green or white grapes

This is actually a fact: dark grapes are higher in antioxidants than light-colored ones. These substances protect the cells of your body from damage, being involved in the prevention of important diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease etc.

So, don’t hold back on choosing a handful of grapes every day for dessert while they’re in season. Enjoy their delicious flavor, a better mood and the benefits of an improved immune system!

Credit Photo: freepik.com