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The importance of carbs

Benefits of carbs

So blamed for so much time, the carbs actually are a blessing for your growing body and, especially, for your heavily working brain! Still, what you must pay attention to is choosing unprocessed foods that also carry vitamins and minerals for supporting the good functioning of your body while enjoying the flavor and the energy released by the carbs.

  • They keep you going for longer. Carbs supply 60-80% of the daily energy requirement of the body and It’s not just your muscle and bone systems that need the carbohydrates for moving around. It’s your entire body using the glucose derived from breaking down the carbs.
  • They support the nervous system. Remember: brain cells need twice as much energy as the cells in the rest of the human body to function properly. Considering that the brain cannot store glucose as the muscles do, you must resupply your `computer` with carbs every single day.
  • `Good carbs` keep you full for longer. We’re talking about plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains that carry a lot of fiber supporting digestion, regulating the hunger sensation and blood pressure. Thus, you develop a healthy balanced relationship with food.
  • Carbs prevent protein usage in times of great effort by supplying the muscles with glucose, the fuel they need to cope. Thus, protein breakdown is prevented and your muscle mass protected.

Every day we are waiting for you at Stradale for lunch with a wide array of dishes based on healthy carbs. Take your pick and enjoy the good energy of the body, brain, and emotions!