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Back to the healthy roots of autumn!

Back to the healthy roots of autumn

Nature’s power also lies in the underground, in its miraculous roots sought after by humans since the beginning of time. Give these strong textures a try for strong health benefits!

What to look for:
  • Ginger acts really strong in fighting germs and restrains the growth of many types of bacteria. Also, its anti-inflammatory properties will help your muscles recover after a challenging gym class. Boil some ginger tea and enjoy it with lemon and honey or you can even chew on it as such once you get used to the spicy flavor.
  • Turmeric, probably India’s most renowned root, highly responsible of the curry powder color, has been traditionally used for alleviating problems of the skin, improving the activity of the digestive system and soothing allergies. Turmeric’s therapeutic properties are enhanced by cooking it with oil and pepper. So that’s a curry dish for you next time you have lunch!
  • Horseradish, bearing high sulfur levels, will clear out your sinus passages and relieve you of mucus when hit by a cold. Other natural chemicals it contains will boost your metabolism and the vitamin C content will support the functions of the immune system. Pair an autumn salad of grated horseradish root with a beef steak and you will be forever grateful to us!

So come check out the `root collection` we work with for preparing lunch at Stradale. We love working with them because they taste good and do good!