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To all veggies lovers out there…

In some parts of the world, October is considered the Vegetarian Awareness Month, so we thought this is the perfect moment to celebrate it and show some appreciation to the vegetarian community. 
If you’re curious to find out more about the vegetarian lifestyle and you’re wondering how veggies can substitute the most important nutrients in meat, below you have some tips. 

The most frequent question: if not meat protein, then what? There is no doubt that meat provides proteins, but so do beans, broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, lentil or chickpeas. Absolutely delicious in a Baba Ganoush dish or simply grilled with cheese and herbs, eggplants are also a source of proteins. 
Curious fact: Did you know that broccoli contains more protein per calorie than steak?
Minerals & vitamins 
Truth be told, meat is so much more than protein. It is also rich in B vitamins, zinc or iron, essential nutrients for a better concentration and an agile mind. Always found in salmon or tuna, you can also take these minerals and vitamins from leafy greens, kale, or the strong flavored garlic. 
Curious fact: If you need a sweet touch-up to a salad, you should know that kale becomes sweeter after freezing.
Scary as they seem, fats are still important for your body – fat in food serves as an energy source and it helps keep you full longer. To replace these from meat, you might go for products such as avocados, olives, nuts and seeds. 
Curious fact: Avocados are nutritious fruits with about 77% fat (by calories), making them even higher in fat than most animal foods.
Either you love the vegetarian lifestyle or you simply want to reduce meat for a little detox, at Stradale Carnivale we take good care of your food choices – each day we prepare special vegetarian menus for a healthy, fresh & delicious lunch!

Photo Credit: Nadine Primeau on Unsplash