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5 Vegetables that you won’t believe are actually fruits

Get ready to get your mind blown and learn about 5 fruits you didn’t know existed, because all along you thought they were veggies!

Let’s start with the most famous example of such misconception, the tomato.





Yes the tomato is indeed a fruit. Turns out that what separates fruit from vegetable is not sweetness or taste, its seeds!. Merriam-Webster writes that “Anything that grows on a plant and is the means by which the plant gets its seeds out into the world is a fruit”. In other words a fruit, like a tomato for example, isn't part of the plant itself, it’s a somewhat separate organ that helps it reproduce. On the other hand, when you eat a vegetable, you eat part of the plant itself!


Halloween just passed by, if you carved out a jack-o-lantern I'm sure you’ve noticed just how many seeds there are inside! Of course, that makes the pumpkin a fruit as well :)








Beans are actually seeds that can be found inside pods. Therefore, they are fruits as well!






I bet you’ve never thought of what beans might be. Well turns out they are fruits, and more specifically they are part of the stone fruit family just like mangoes and peaches. A strange comparison indeed!







People think of corn as a grain in agriculture and in the kitchen as a vegetable. But its a…. Fruit:) Kernels are the seeds that the corn uses to reproduce, so that makes corn a dry fruit.