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New Academic Year is About to Start!

Healthy eating is a big part of this unique amazing experience. So, find out everything about how you can enjoy a delicious lunch at Stradale AISB!

Please read carefully all the information below. If there are any other questions unanswered, feel free to send us an email at manager.stradaleaisb@flavours.ro.


• If you already have one, you can just start using it. As you already know, we will honor any credit left from last academic year.
• In case the existing amount is less than 100 lei, please top up your account with the missing amount, depending on your lunch option.


In order for your child to enjoy a meal at Stradale or a snack from our Mitzu Coffee Shops, you just need to create a dedicated account.

1. Make a deposit
For ELC – Grade 1, you have 2 payment options:

• Semester Plan: 1.800 lei
• Annual Plan: 3.600 lei
Please take in consideration that the menu for these students is fixed and they will get their food delivered in the classroom / ELC Cafeteria or in the Main Cafeteria (for Grade 1). You will be able to check the daily menu here 2 days before school starts.

For Grade 2 – Grade 12 students:

• A minimum deposit of 700 lei is needed in order to use the account. Once they get in the cafeteria, the students will choose their favorite menu, pass by the cashier desk and the money will be withdraw from their account. You will be able to check the daily menu here 2 days before school starts.
• Here is also a kind reminder that the accounts will not be able to function once they get to 0 deposit and in this case, we will not be able to serve the student with lunch or any other Stradale & Mitzu products. When your account reaches 100 lei, we will let you know via email.

2. Use the following details
  • Bank account: RO14BTRLRONCRT0442843205 opened at Banca Transilvania
  • Company name: OCEANUL INDIAN SA
  • CUI RO17572759
  • Registration no. J40/5807/2010.
  • Details field – please mention AISB and your child’s full name.

Once the payment is done, please send the confirmation at manager.stradaleaisb@flavours.ro with the following information included, in order for us to create or update the account:

Full name of your child (name and surname):
Full name of the parent/parent 1:
Email address: (When your account reaches 100 lei, we will let you know via email.)
Phone number:

Full name of the parent/parent 2:
Email address:
Phone number:
-  Once we receive all the above info, within maximum 2 days, the account will be created, and the contract with the invoice will be sent to you for signing. -  After you sign it, please send it via email at manager.stradaleaisb@flavours.ro -  You will be able to start using the account the minute we send you the user’s name and password.


For Grade 2 – Grade 12 students the 2 menu options are the following:

Red Menu Tray – 20 lei - small portion
Soup + Main Course + Side Dish + Dessert – recommended for Grade 2 until Grade 5

White Menu Tray – 30 lei - big portion
Soup + Main Course + Side Dish + Dessert – recommended for Grade 6 until Grade 12

Extra Options
If they are choosing only one dish, they will be charged separately:
• Soup – 10 lei
• Main Course – 16 lei
• Side Dish – 10 lei
• Dessert – 7 lei
• Fruit – 3 lei

Special Days (Pasta Day, Tacos Day, Burger Day, Sushi Day)
• Small Portion, served on the red tray - 20 lei
• Big Portion, served on the big plate - 30 lei

Grab & Go
• Selection of Sandwiches – from 15 lei/Sandwich
• Slice of Pizza – 10 lei
• Calzone – 15 lei
• BIO Juice – 7 lei
• Salad Bar: Big Salad – 24 lei/Small Salad – 15 lei

After all the operational part, you have only one more thing to do – enjoy our food. From vegetables to meat, from creamy soups to meaty Romanian “Ciorbe”, from pasta to burgers, daily we try to surprise you with delicious food. Chef Foa together with our local Chefs choose carefully all the ingredients in order to create seasonal, healthy menus that will not only impress your taste buds, but keep you in good shape!

Looking forward to meeting you again!
Stradale AISB Team