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To salt or not to salt?

If you search carefully enough for the right one, you’ll find out that salt is, in fact, essential to life. 

Did you know that salt helps the brain function, carries nutrients inside our bodies, supports digestion and maintains blood pressure? Then why does salt have such a bad reputation? To solve this mystery, find below the different types of salt and the way they affect (or not) our health. 
Refined Salt
Known as Table or Cooking Salt, this one started out as a beneficial ingredient, but unfortunately is heavily processed and thus, has been cleared of its healing minerals and natural nutrients. Table salt is still used widely around the globe. 
The verdict: despite its popularity for home cooked food, refined salt deserves its bad reputation. When consumed too much it can give you headaches, stomach pains and it affects the health of your heart.  
Sea Salt 
With a huge texture difference as compared to the traditional table salt, sea salt gives a nice flavor to dishes such as Sea Salt Sweet Potatoes or Tomatoes Soup with Cheese Toasts.
The verdict: sea salt contains important minerals for a healthy body. While sea salt is definitely a better choice than refined table salt, it’s still not the best, because the oceans and seas are becoming increasingly polluted.
Celtic Salt
Thanks to its mysterious texture, Celtic Salt will always be moist to touch. Except for this curious fact, Celtic Salt is also the missing ingredient in a morning smoothie as it adjusts its flavor. 
The verdict: Celtic Salt is able to offer numerous health benefits; rich in minerals and vitamins, it’s simply nutritious.   
Pink Himalayan Salt 
Pink, exotic and with a strong flavor, Himalayan Salt is a key ingredient when cooking a steak recipe, vegetables, seafood and plenty of other tasteful dishes. 
The verdict: Pink Himalayan salt is even recommended by doctors. Filled with minerals, it helps eliminate the toxins in your body. And guess what? It is also the one we use at Stradale, when cooking our delicious recipes.
So, is it safe to use salt? As long as you choose mindfully, the answer is absolutely. In reality, eating too little salt is harmful, as it makes you lack important nutrients that help balance your body functions. Get your salt shakers ready and salt up your life!  
Photo by Anastasia Zhenina on Unsplash