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Set your heart on healthiness!

On the 29th of September we celebrate the engine of our bodies through a very special event – World Heart Day. Therefore, it’s the perfect moment to remind ourselves how to take good care of the one that is ticking day and night for us and for our loved ones.

A healthy heart means an overall good health. Embracing a healthy lifestyle improves physical fitness and lowers stress, two essential steps to prevent heart disease. Below are some tips to help you take care of your tiny ticker.

•    Choose colorful veggies. Fresh or frozen, a colorful plate of red peppers, orange carrots and green spinach helps you get the needed vitamins and minerals.
•    Don’t neglect the shape either. The outside look of the veggies matches the inside world of the bodies. Not only does a tomato looks like a heart, but it’s also the one that keeps it strong, treating high blood pressure.
•    Keep your friends close, and the… fats even closer. Healthy fats coming from olive oil, avocado and seeds are safe and nutritious for your heart.
•    Choose strength. Eggs, fish, yogurt and soybeans are a wealthy source of healthy proteins for a fit body and heart.
•    Don’t forget about the whole grains. Brown rice, quinoa and oats are rich in the vitamins that your heart craves.
•    Be creative with your meals. If you have a salmon dish one day, try some grilled Mediterranean veggies in the next one. Variety makes your meals more fun and it gives your body the needed nutrients.

At Stradale Carnivale, we make each day a special occasion to take care of the little drum in your chest. While you follow the above tips at home, we’ll cook delicious and nutritious food in our canteen to win your hearts forever.

Stay greedy for healthy food and make your heart happy!

Photo by Anna Kolosyuk on Unsplash