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Celery juice: the miraculous remedy

Popular in soups or salads, celery is now upgraded to being one of the healthiest ingredients thanks to its juice. 

Celery itself is the undiscovered medicine of our age. It’s that vegetable that can be consumed entirely, from roots to leaves. Even so, there is one certain recipe that is considered the secret for a healthier life: the miraculous celery juice. Below you will find all the interesting facts about its story, the benefits and the ways you can enjoy it. 
The Man Who Made Celery Juice Famous
Few years ago, the best-selling author Anthony William (also known as the Medical Medium) transformed celery into a superfood and its juice into a wellness elixir. Ever since, hundreds of people from doctors to celebrities and to healthy food lovers shared their happy story and amazing results with the celery juice. 
So, what makes it so special? We would say it’s less about the taste and more about the benefits brought to your body.
Green, Fresh and Rich in Benefits 
Filled with antioxidants, celery juice is one of the most profound ways, if not the most profound way, to restore digestive health. Being super rich in vitamin C and minerals, celery juice sustains energy, it balances your mood and it gives you a better mental clarity. 
More than this, its juice is a powerful healing remedy. Full of water and low in sugar, celery juice keeps your skin hydrated, prevents wrinkles and it can even treat acne. It is also known for curing all kinds of illnesses such as migraines and allergies. It also reduces inflammation and the level of stress. 
How Can You Enjoy It?
Anthony William suggests that the most effective way of drinking celery juice is on an empty stomach, with no other ingredients mixed in. The quantity? Almost half a liter :)
However, if you want to enjoy it with some other ingredients, you can add the juice of one cucumber and one apple. This is a great option to adjust the flavor of celery in case it is a bit too strong for you. 

Now that the secret is revealed, we believe that celery juice worth a try. After all, joining the healthy, cured and happy group of people sounds like a good plan. Let’s raise our glass of celery juice, cheers!
Source: www.celeryjuice.com 
Photo by Jan Sedivy on Unsplash