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Starting 1st of March, Stradale Cafeteria Reopens for Grade 2 to Grade 5 Students.

As promised, more good news is coming and reopening the Cafeteria for some of our Students is one of them. Please find below all the changes and the steps you need to follow in order for your child to enjoy their delicious lunch.


1. Snack Delivered in the classroom

Daily, between 8:30 and 9:30 your child will get their snack delivered in the classroom. You can check it here.

2. Lunch Schedule

Stradale AISB reopens its doors and the children will be able to enjoy their lunch in the cafeteria again. In order to respect the safety measures, they will have different lunch schedules, as follows: • 11:20-11:40 – lunch reserved for Grade 2
• 11:45-12:05 – lunch reserved for Grade 3
• 12:10-12:30 – lunch reserved for Grade 4
• 12:35-12:55 – lunch reserved for Grade 5
• 12:55-14:00 – lunch opened

3. Safety measures

Between each lunch slot, all the tables will be sanitized with a disinfectant, making sure the kids will enjoy their food in the safest environment possible. Also, there will be 2 different lines with specific directions for serving the food and paying at the cashier desk – they area created so the children interact as little as possible. Since any kind of contact is not recommended during these times, with the help of the teachers, we will recognize each kid and mark his/her menu manually – no fingerprint being involved. The entire lunch will be served only in to go boxes, so there will not be extra dishes involved.

4. Menu Options

As you are already used to, the lunch will include 2 different menu options for meat lovers and 2 for vegan ones. Each menu includes a soup, a main dish with a side/salad and a dessert/fruit – price for a full meal 28 lei. Each Friday, the menu for the following week can be found here.


1. Snack & Lunch delivered in classes

This will remain as it was until now. If your child has an active account, he/she will get the packaged lunch delivered in the classroom. If you want to see the menu, please check it here.

2. New lunch memberships for ELC and GRADE 1
  • 2 months lunch membership – 620 lei
    Includes: lunch for two months
  • Full semester membership – 1,620 lei
    Includes: lunch valid until end of school year

Once you decide, please make a deposit in your account and send the confirmation email to manager.stradaleaisb@flavours.ro.


  • If you already have one, you can just start using it. As you already know, we will honor any credit left from last academic year.
  • In case the existing amount is less than 100 lei, please top up your account with the missing amount until 620, 1,620 or 700 lei, depending on your lunch option.


In order to enjoy the Stradale lunch and a quick healthy snack from our Mitzu Coffee Shops, your child needs a dedicated account.

Make a deposit:
  • For ELC and Grade1 Students:
    2-month lunch membership – 620 lei
    Full semester membership – 1,620 lei
  • For Grade 2-Grade12 Students
    the necessary minimum deposit is 700 lei.
Make a deposit using the following details
  • Bank account: RO14BTRLRONCRT0442843205 opened at Banca Transilvania
  • Company name: OCEANUL INDIAN SRL
  • CUI RO17572759
  • Registration no. J40/5807/2010.
  • Details field – please mention AISB new registrations and your child’s full name.
Send the confirmation.

Once the payment is done, please send the confirmation at manager.stradaleaisb@flavours.ro with the following information included, in order for us to create or update the account:

Mandatory info
Full name of your child (name and surname): __
Grade: __
Full name of the parent /parent 1: __
Email address: __ (Once your account will reach 50 lei, we will let you know via this email address.)
Phone number: __

Optional info
Full name of the parent /parent 2: __
Email address: __
Phone number: __

- Once we receive all the above information, the account will be created within 2 days maximum, and the contract with the invoice will be sent to you for signing.
- After you sign it, please send it via email at manager.stradaleaisb@flavours.ro
- You will be able to start using the account, the minute we send you the user name and password.

Enjoy Stradale AISB delicious food!

Foto: twenty9studio.com