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Put the healthiest fruits & vegetables in your place

What does healthiest mean? How you can choose the fruits to be like this? And why are they good for your body? Find out below.

When talking about your meal plan you should take in consideration 2 atributes – seasonal & local. This is the guarantee you make the best decisions for your body. Eating properly and clean means more energy, better concentration and overall better mood.

Choose seasonal

Each time of the year brings specific products rich in nutrients and vitamins, so choosing wisely from your grocery is the safe move if you want a healthy body. In the summer we consume less calories, considering the high outside temperature. It is also advisable to consume lighter, fresher foods that do not take a long time to digest. These are exactly the foods that are naturally in season. Include in your diet salads, vegetables (either raw, baked or steamed), fruit in moderation, dairy and lean meats from the best sources, whole wheat cereal and healthy fats (such as fish, olive oil, seeds & nuts). In the winter, we tend to deposit more fat, so that the body can naturally protect itself against the low temperatures. Therefore, we can be more relaxed to consume high calorie foods, like meat and nuts & seeds. Furthermore, it is ideal to include fermented foods in our diet, such as sauerkraut or pickled vegetables, for their natural probiotics. These will aid our digestive system and improve our immunity, since over 70% of our immune system is in our digestive tract.

Choose local

Good for you and for the environment. This is the best way to ensure the freshest produce, for which the least resources have been used, such as transport. It might seem like a minor aspect, but if more and more people contribute by choosing a majority of local produce, the impact on the wellbeing of our planet can be major.

Enjoy your healthy lunch from Stradale AISB

Using seasonal and local ingredients is one of our core values. So everytime you will enjoy a Stradale menu, you will also get the daily health dose. You can order your lunch following these steps:

  1. Check the Menu on our website. Log in into your account and place the order a day before until 8 PM.
  2. If you don’t have an account, please send an email to manager.stradaleaisb@flavours.ro and we will get back with all the details.
  3. Next day, pick up the lunch from the chosen pick-up points:
  • Elementary Students from Mitzu Coffee Shop (the one at the Main Entrance)
  • Secondary Students from Stradale Pick-Up Point 3 (the one next to the Cafeteria Entrance)

Article made in collaboration with Madalin Constantin, Health Coach; Photo Credit: Isabella and Louisa Fischer on Unsplash