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Get your Summer vitamins!

Yeah, we know: everyone’s telling you about the miracles of vitamin D, especially during Summer, the season of sun exposure and trips to the beach. But a body in full growth needs more than a single letter in the alphabet of nutrients: it also needs the A, B, C, E, K.

Summer fruits are awesome sources for these vitamins and you can find plenty of them in the markets and supermarkets. 

Every bite on these fruits is a burst of joy, but let’s see what each of them can do for our health:

Cherries and sour cherries – you can buy them at the market as far as mid-July, and they are great for your body’s defense mechanisms (parents would say these fruits help with immunity). Shortly, they keep you healthy and strong – due to their iron and calcium content.

You will also sleep better if you consume cherries and sour cherries regularly, due to them containing natural melatonin. 

Mulberries – you can enjoy them until early August, a true proof of longevity among Summer fruits. They bring significant quantities of vitamins C, K, E, B, and lutein – a very useful substance for eye health. All these vitamins support your body (muscles, skin, bones, tissues, organs) to adapt properly to the accelerated growth process it is going through.

Berries – they are available throughout the Summer; buy them as fresh as possible for their full pack of benefits: they are an excellent snack for people with diabetes, they take care of heart health and keep your mind sharp and focused. 

Apricots – also called “the nutritional heavyweight” among fruits, they protect your vision against degrading and your skin against sun and pollution damage. Apricots also strengthen your bones with calcium and support heart function with potassium. And this will help you a great deal in playing sports as intense as you please. 

With Summer fruits in your diet, your tummy will also be happy, working properly with all that fiber. And a smooth digestion always translates into a good mood. So, add some color to your shopping list with these Summer wonders!

Photo by Sophie Vinetlouis on Unsplash