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Everybody loves pizza! The Stradale Recipe

At Stradale Carnivale, we like to collect smiles, and when Pizza Day comes along, we see the widest smiles of them all. Who doesn't like a pizza made with soul and imagination?

The different types of pizza and crust out there are endless, from thick & puffy crusts to thin crispy ones and from a plain old margherita to Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and ham, pizza seems to be all about creativity and style. 

Because it is one of our favorite foods to make at AISB, and we love our recipe, we decided to share it with you here. 

Pizza Dough:
•    1 kg flour 
•    650 ml warm water
•    50 g fresh yeast
•    2 teaspoons of salt
•    2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil 

Start by mixing the warm water with the yeast in a water glass until they combine perfectly. In a large mixing bowl, pour the flour and mix with the salt, then sprinkle the virgin olive oil on top. Make a small hole in the flour mix, then pour over the glass of water with yeast. Now combine and mix in well until the dough is made. Add some more flour if you find the mix too runny. Split the dough in 8 separate bits, and leave covered to rest for 2 hours. After that roll each dough flat, and then pinch or roll over the edges to create a crust. Now drizzle a little olive oil and add your favorite tomato paste, oregano if its to your taste, mozzarella, and any other toppings you fancy. Remember, get creative! 

Finally bake at 250 degrees Celsius for about 8 minutes and serve. Enjoy!

You can enjoy our pizza @Stradale Expo Park or @Flavours in The Garden. Just drop by. Our ovens are on already. 
If not, we can bring it to your door via @Tazz by eMAG. Install the app and look for Stradale.