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24th of May brings us together at lunchtime! All you need to know about the new adjustments for Grade 6 to Grade 11 Lunch

After a long wait, we are now able to meet for lunch again. Taking in consideration the current context, together with AISB, we have put in place some procedures in order for you to enjoy lunch in the safest way possible.

Please read all the information below, for Grade 6 to 11 students only. For all the rest, nothing changes for now. If there are any other questions unanswered, feel free to send us an email to manager.stradaleaisb@flavours.ro. 

In order to make everything easier for you, we have stopped online orders. So, just drop by the cafeteria during your specific interval, choose your favorite menu and the payment will be done on spot. Also, each Friday afternoon the menu for the following week will be posted via aisb.flavours.ro, so you can check it online.

Daily, you will have 4 menus to choose from: Red Meat Menu, White Meat Menu, Fish Menu and Vegetarian Menu. Each menu contains a soup, a main with a side or salad, and a desert or a fruit. Before entering the Cafeteria, you will find a board with the menu available for that day. Please make the decision there, so after you enter the Cafeteria, you can follow the dedicated menu line. The specific hours for your lunchtime, will be communicated in the following days via AISB.

Once entering the cafeteria, please follow the line for the chosen menu – on the right for Menu 1 and Menu 2, on the left for Menu 3 and Menu 4. When you are at the cashier desk, please mention your name loud and clear so we can check your account, in order to purchase the payment. 

After taking your lunch box, just follow the signs that will direct you to the lunch area dedicated for your grade.

All Grade 11 will follow the same procedure as above, with one exception; you will pick up your lunch from Mitzu Coffee Shop, next to the Cafeteria and you can enjoy it on the dedicated terrace.

For enjoying the Stradale lunch and a quick healthy snack from our Mitzu Coffee Shops, your child just needs a dedicated account.

Make a deposit. For Grade 2-Grade 12 Students the necessary minimum deposit is 700 lei.

Make a deposit using the following details:

  • - Bank account: RO14BTRLRONCRT0442843205 opened at Banca Transilvania
  • - Company name: OCEANUL INDIAN SRL
  • - CUI RO17572759
  • - Registration no. J40/5807/2010.
  • - Details field – please mention AISB new registrations and your child’s full name.
Send the confirmation.

Once the payment is done, please send the confirmation at manager.stradaleaisb@flavours.ro with the following information included, in order for us to create or update the account:

Full name of your child (name and surname): __
Grade: __
Full name of the parent /parent 1: __
Email address: __ (Once your account will reach 50 lei, we will let you know via this email address.)
Phone number: __

Full name of the parent /parent 2: __
Email address: __
Phone number: __

-  Once we receive all the above info, within maximum 2 days, the account will be created, and the contract with the invoice will be sent to you for signing. 
-  After you sign it, please send it via email at manager.stradaleaisb@flavours.ro 
-  You will be able to start using the account, the minute we send you the user name and password.

Looking forward to meeting you again!